Visitation Update May 2021

Administration Policy?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Visitation Guidelines Update

VVRNC has learned to adapt to an everchanging set of circumstances and guidelines, and we recognize that we must continue to do so.

We respectfully ask for your understanding and cooperation in observing the following so that we may protect your loved ones and our staff from another outbreak of COVID-19.? Let?s all work together to keep COVID-19 away from your loved ones!!!

Guidelines for a Safe Visit

1.? Current days/hours are Monday through Saturday 9am to 3:00pm-lobby area (includes 2 private rooms) and outside visits weather pending

2.? The rehab unit (200-Yellow Zone) cannot currently accept visitors due to quarantine measures except for end of life or compassionate care visits.

3.? Do not visit your loved one if you are ill or if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19

4.? Pre-screen using the kiosk in the front lobby and receive a printed name badge which must be always worn (and visible)

5.? SOCIAL DISTANCE FROM OTHER RESIDENTS, FAMILIES AND STAFF-this includes the lobby area when signing in at the Kiosk


7.? Visitors may touch unvaccinated residents, but the risks are the following: If residents are exposed, they could contract the Covid 19 virus, have symptoms, be hospitalized, or could die; residents could then pass it to others in the facility

8.? Currently residents are attending medical appointments; social outings are reviewed on a case-by-case basis-please contact facility for guidance

9.? If you develop symptoms within 14 days after your visit, please contact the facility immediately

10. End of Life and Compassionate Care Visits continue as needed.

If there is an outbreak of residents or staff, quarantine will be needed for residents in the affected areas; visitation would be paused for those needing to quarantine except for Compassionate Care considerations; social activities and communal dining may be paused as well.

These guidelines must be adhered to so we may continue to keep Valley View open.??If the safety measures above are NOT followed, visitor(s) will be asked to leave, and future visits will be limited and/or monitored.

May 2021