Culinary News

Culinary Delights!

Residents at Valley View enjoyed Hand Breaded Chicken Piccata, with a bed of White Rice and seasoned Broccoli.

Homestyle Meals!

Residents at Valley View enjoyed a homemade meatloaf, and scalloped potatoes with sliced carrots!

Warming Up With Comfort Food!

On a cold, blustery day, residents enjoyed a hearty meal of roasted turkey with country style gravy, seasoned egg noodles, and honey glazed carrots. A great meal at this time of year!

Hearty Home Cookin’!

A recent resident meal featured slowed cooked pork chops served over a bed of white rice with Brussel sprouts tossed with bacon and onions.

Trick or Treat!

Residents enjoyed fun, festive, and delicious cupcakes to celebrate Halloween. The treats had a nostalgic flair with the fun and not-so-spooky decorations. A variety of cupcake flavors were offered.

A Peck of Picked Peppers!

Freshly picked peppers form Valley View’s own raised vegetable bed. This batch will be used to make Chicken Fiesta for the residents’ meal. The garden beds were planted in the spring with the help of residents giving those with a love for gardening the opportunity to use their green thumbs.

Homemade Fish Veracruz!

Fish Veracruz was a dish recently served as a meal to residents. Peppers and tomatoes from Valley View’s raised vegetable beds were used to create this flavorful entre. The dish is named after Veracruz, Mexico. It is actually comprised of flavors of both Mexico and Spain after Spaniards settled there many years ago.

Barbeques Return!

Summer Picnics are back and as popular as ever at Valley View! Chef Ron was at the grill for a recent picnic and delighted residents with BBQ chicken using his secret recipe. Other seasonal sides included potato salad, colelsaw, and lemon meringue pie.

Home Grown

Our garden is growing beautifully this summer! Many of Chef Ron’s recipes include ingredients grown on site.